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Quality Assurance
About Pistol Clothing
- Who is behind Pistol Clothing?
- How long have you been established?
- Are you only online based?
- What type of customers have you printed for?
- Why print with us?

Printing Techniques
- What type of printing process do you use?
- Am I restricted to certain colours?
- Can you print onto dark garments?
- Can you print full colour photo images?
- What is the washibility like?
- How should I wash my T-Shirt?
- Are there any setup costs?

Clothing Information
- Which clothing suppliers do you use?
- Where are the t-shirts made and operated?
- Do you print on Australian made clothing?
- What type of quality are the t-shirts?
- Can I bring in my own T-Shirt to print on?
- What styles of clothing do you offer?
- Can I see your clothing styles in person?
- How do I know what size to choose?
- What if I want a certain t-shirt colour or style that\'s not on your website?
- Can I just buy a plain t-shirt?
- Do you offer a kids range?

T-Shirt Artwork Help
- What file formats do you accept?
- What size should my image be?
- How do I print a transparent artwork?
- What printing resolution (dpi) should I use?
- Why doesn\'t my image appear after I have uploaded it?
- What\'s the biggest file size I can upload?
- Do you offer any help to assist my T-Shirt Design?
- Do you have any t-shirt templates I can download?
- What programs can you recommend for me to create my T-Shirt in?
- Can you refuse to print a certain design?
- Where can I find ready made clip art and photos for my T-Shirts?
- How do you know if a design is copyrighted?

- Do you have shop?
- How secure is your website?
- Can I order on the phone?
- Can I see a full price list for printing?
- Can I cancel an order?
- Do you have all your garments in stock?
- Can I pick up an order?
- Can I order more than one t-shirt at a time?
- What currency are your prices in?
- Do I have to pay GST tax on my order?
- How long does it take to receive an order?
- What type of payments do you accept?
- What is your refund policy?
- What do I do if I have an urgent job?
- What do I do if I haven\'t received my order?
- Do you offer gift vouchers to buy?
- Do you accept Paypal or American Express?
- Do you store my credit card details?

- How long does it take to receive an order?
- What happens if I am not home when my order is delivered?
- Where does my item come from?
- What\'s the cost for delivery?
- Do you deliver outside Australia?
- How do I track the progress of my order?

Special Offers
- How do I get discounts?
- Are you the cheapest t-shirt printer?

Sponsorship Deals
- Do you offer any discounts for charities and organisations?

Website Security
- How secure is your website?